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Real Red Raspberry brings you raspberry at its finest

Real Red Raspberry is a family business built on rich agricultural and academic traditions. The founders of the company, a father-daughter duo, both have academic backgrounds but decided to pursue their passions instead.

On the family plantation in Vojvodina, more than 10 hectares of high-quality soil is used to produce Polka raspberry.

The Polka variety has large, sweet fruit with a solid structure and is ideal for fresh fruit markets. The ripe raspberry fruit is very strong, so it’s preserved as a whole and in pieces in our products.

We have learned a lot from our experience and developed our expertise over the years. This is why our raspberries are naturally grown in good climatic conditions using biological pest control, following the global G.A.P. and HAACP guidelines. We use modern technology that’s friendly to the environment and provide logistic support and cold storage for preparation and delivery.

Our Story

A family with a passion for raspberry

Real Red Raspberry is founded by professor Zivko Avramov, PhD and his daughter Tatjana Avramov, PhD. In 2016, they both decided to pause their academic careers and focus on their passion – cultivating and producing raspberries of the best quality and supreme products with high fruit content and full, fruity taste.

“We use our knowledge and passion to produce raspberry of the highest quality and premium food products that are both delicious and healthy, something your kids will love, something you could take to work as an afternoon snack, something that’s always in your pantry if there’s a dessert emergency!”

“We have worked with a team of technologists and taste designers to create a line of products with excellent organoleptic qualities, preserving the rich antioxidant nutrients found in raspberries. Our products contain more than 70% fruit, they are pasteurized and free of preservatives, food colorants, and artificial flavors.”

A business that’s all about raspberries

The latest technology is used in the protection and harvesting of each plantation. The processing and storage facility is family-owned, too, and it’s supervised – that’s why the quality of these jams and spreads is guaranteed.

At Real Red Raspberry, it’s really all about raspberries and raspberry delicacies. The fruits are handled gently and with care to ensure the authenticity of taste in all products.

Due to the number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients found in raspberries and their sweet, juicy taste, they are referred to as nature’s candy. Their antioxidant content may prevent a range of health conditions, as well as contribute to brain and heart health. Since they are naturally sweet but low in carbs, they can help in managing diabetes or excess weight.


Quality has been
the top priority of our family business since day one.

We aim to become leaders in the production of natural raspberry products while maintaining the highest product quality and our deep commitment to our customers and partners.

Processing Technology

We use raspberries that are naturally grown in an allergen-free and grain-free environment. To attain the perfect texture of our raspberries, we carefully remove all excess seeds and pips.

Our special cooking technology gives us full temperature control, so we can ensure the highest product quality of each jar we produce.

Production Technology

What’s our secret? We take care of the entire process, from harvesting to sealing the lid.

Right next to our raspberry fields in the beautiful Serbian countryside, we also have our own fully equipped raspberry production facility. Our raspberries are produced in completely natural, highly controlled environmental conditions that are grain and allergen-free.

We harvest the raspberries at the right time – when they are fully ripe, firm, and plump and deep red color. As they are highly perishable, we are extremely careful with their transportation and storage.

The production facility is only 15 minutes away from our raspberry fields. We transport the fresh raspberries straight to the lab and they are processed within 2 hours from harvesting. This way, the phytonutrients stay fresh and preserved in all our products.

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